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Nylon Paddle Mits (pogies)

Have any other pogies been used so continuously or successfully? From the Canadian Rockies to Nepal, from Australia to Antarctica – they are justly world-renowned! Used by numerous expeditions plus National WWR and Slalom Teams, our pogies have excelled in rough water situations.

Why do our pogies work? Well, as committed paddlers we can continuously test design and material performance – every day – so we know what is required and we know “they work”!

Throw Bags
Emergencies require fast action, so rescue equipment must be simple, quick and easy to use. Our throwbags have been designed to meet just that criteria and have proved themselves in many realy life rescues. Users of our throwbags include: canoeists, international expeditions, rowers, swimming pools, field study centres, fisheries, national outdoor centres, fireman.

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