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Emergencies require fast action, so rescue equipment must be simple, quick and easy to use. Our throwbags have been designed to meet just that criteria and have proved themselves in many realy life rescues. Users of our throwbags include: canoeists, international expeditions, rowers, swimming pools, field study centres, fisheries, national outdoor centres, fireman.


  • High visibility for safety
  • Easy to throw - easily grasped
  • Strong construction with built in flotation
  • Soft - cannot injure victim
  • Clear instructions on the bag
  • Quality rope which retains shape under tension, 8mm and 10mm floating polypropylene
Rope Specification

We select the rope for our bags based on quality.  It will not pack as small as some ropes but more importantly it will retain it’s shape under strain. The rope is manufactured for us by one of the key UK rope manufacturers.

The rope is an 8 plait multifilament polypropylene – soft, flexible and strong. The 10mm rope has a core to give added strength and shape retention - the breaking strains of the rope are as follows:

8mm (Personal, Mini and Maxi Target Throwbags) 1060kgs

10mm (Expedition Throwbag) 1400kgs

The Expedition bag can also be supplied with Dyneema rope. This rope utilizes Dyneema (a high tech fibre with the highest strength to weight ratio of any natural or synthetic fibre) as a core with a high durability polyester core. This gives an impressive breaking strain of 3900kgsm, however it does limit it’s floating qualities.


We like style and maybe it’s what counts on the river bank or car park – but for the river itself we value what counts in a rescue situation and therefore prioritize function over style. Ask any dedicated user and they will tell you why they like them – ease of use and effectiveness. We like our bags to work and work the best!


We are proud that all our bags are manufactured in the UK - and to ensure customer satisfaction all our bags are guaranteed for faulty manufacture or workmanship with a replacement bag or money back. But look around – many of our bags are still going strong after over ten years of use – we rest our case!


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